• Troféu Mapinguari

    Troféu Mapinguari

    Last week a mysterious package arrived, from Brazil. It contained a statue, but no letter. It took a while to realize what it was.

  • State of the Art

    State of the Art

    The 2020 animation Home, Closed is included in the Studio Montclair member exhibition. The show is on view June 23 through August 18, 2023 at the Leach Gallery (641 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, NJ)

  • ACCAD Research Page

    ACCAD Research Page

    On the website of the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) at The Ohio State University, a research page was published showcasing how Motion Capture was used to create the interactive VR experience Inviting Motion.

  • Recent Work

    Recent Work

    These project pages are set up to be a dynamic showcase of the latest projects Wobbe F. Koning has been working on. The original recent page can still be accessed.

  • 53rd ASIFA-East Animation Festival

    53rd ASIFA-East Animation Festival

    The animation Light Play (Vicious Cycles #3) received the Craft Award for Sound Design at the 53rd ASIFA-East Animation Festival which took place at the Museum of Moving Image in New York City on May 25, 2023. Good company to be in!