Vicious Cycles

A series of 3D printed stop motion animations.

#1: Boom -> Bust, 2018, 1 min. 42 sec
#2: Spawn, 2019, 1 min. 31 sec.
#3: Light Play, 2023, 3 min. 19 sec.

Related News

  • Boom -> Bust @ Syn·the·sis
    Boom -> Bust (Vicious Cycles #1) is included in Syn•the•sys: digital craft, which will be on display in the Hayloft Gallery at the Floyd Art Center in Floyd, Virginia. The show was juried by Frankie Flood.
  • 5th Istanbul Experimental Film Festival
    My animation Light Play (Vicious Cycles #3) has been included in the 5th Istanbul Experimental Film Festival which takes place May 8 through 12 in Istanbul, Türkiye.
  • Show at Eastern Michigan University
    VR.Con.Sequence and Light Play are included in Light X Time: animation & gaming technology in the Ford Gallery, Ypsilanti, Michigan.
  • Sound and Vision
    Light Play has been selected for the 2023 Sound And Vision International Film & Technology Festival (Honorable Mention).
  • Smaragdni Eco Film Festival, Croatia
    The Smaragdni (emerald) Eco Film Festival is an unique traveling ecological film festival, screening educational films with the aim to raise public ecological awareness.