It’s No Game

Seated VR Experience.

Sitting on a chair in the middle of a windowless room, you, the user, are confronted with buttons and levers. Making choices leads to swimming eyeballs, and wide open, mainly empty spaces. You are confronted with a big zoetrope, teddy-bears, bowls with fire, and more levers and buttons. Can you figure out what to do?

Many of the elements in the virtual environment betray its creator’s background as filmmaker and animator. The project started as an investigation into Virtual Reality (VR) as medium, and organically grew into an experience where stereoscopic animated elements enhance the interactive invitation to act. It is not a game. There are no save-points, there is no undo.

You have free will, You are the master of your actions. Will you kill innocence to score points? Will you push things to their braking point? Is the destruction of the environment inevitable?

Running time

About 7 to 13 minutes


<coming soon, most everything by Wobbe F. Koning>

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